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A powerful and restorative movement designed to change the lives of women around the world.  It was in 2019 at the Pearl Sistahs' conference that Stephanie L. McKenny received the theme, "Awaken HER."  During that time God had revealed to her that there are many women who have gone in hiding, have gotten stuck, have given up on their dreams and purpose because of something they’ve personally experienced. God is using her to AWAKEN women so that they can walk in their divine assignment.  God has every intention to AWAKEN YOU so that you can ARISE and take ACTION to fulfill your divine assignement, start your business, start your ministry, write your book, structure your organization or whatever capacity God has called you to.  

We have declared that we are UNSTUCK & UNSTOPPABLE!

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AwakenHER for the Outpour Conference

AwakenHER for the Outpour women's conference will take place on Thursday, September 29th to October 1st 2022. The expectation is in the air for God to Awaken HIS daughters for the Outpour of HIS spirit to equip us, prepare us and empower us for OUR NEXT. God has every intentions to bless you. Get ready for the OUTPOUR

You can register with deposit to $SLG0312 - Cashapp or


All payments need to be in by September 15, 2022 in full.

LOCATION: You must call the resort, Ocean Creek Resort in Myrtle Beach and reserve your villa under the AwakenHER Conference.

AwakenHER for the Outpour Deposit

You can make a $50 deposit towards the $100 registration.  All payments must be in no later than September 15, 2022.  All payments are non-refundable.


AwakenHER T-Shirt

You must awaken to answer destiny's call.  Get your AWAKENHER T-shirt and let it be know that you are answering the call of your DESTINY.


Unstuck and Unstoppable T-shirt

Let it be known that you are UnSTUCK and UNSTOPPABLE

AwakenHER Events & Products

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